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Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan

Chanda and Annie defend their Ph.D. proposals and advance to candidacy. Congrats! (Jun 2013)
Hyuntaek and Aimee's paper on surfactant solutions with viscosities switchable by light published in Soft Matter. (May 2013)
Matt and Remedium Tech receive an NSF SBIR Phase II award to commercialize our hemostatic foam technology. (Feb 2013)
Welcome to new students!: Ankit Gargava and Ankit Goyal (Ph.D.); Brady and Salimeh (M.S.). (Jan 2013)
Kunqiang defends his Ph.D. Congrats! He will now join Agilent Technologies. (Dec 2012)

We seek to engineer matter at the nano-micro scales using the strategies of self-assembly and directed assembly. Our interest is primarily in viscous or soft matter, which includes biomolecular and biomimetic structures. Moreover, we develop rules for the design of new classes of "smart" fluids and materials that could be useful in oil recovery, drug delivery, wound healing, and energy storage.

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