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Group Members
Graduate Students (Ph.D.)

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Kunqiang Jiang (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2012)
Kunqiang joined UMD in 2008 after obtaining a B.S. in Chemistry from the Univ of Sci and Tech of China. His Ph.D. dissertation, co-advised by Prof. Don DeVoe (MechE), explored the synthesis of polymer microparticles and capsules using microfluidic techniques. These particles were shown to work as sensors of gases and proteins. He was the lead author on papers in Small, Soft Matter and Polymer. After his Ph.D., Kunqiang has joined Agilent Technologies.

Peter Thomas (Ph.D., BioE, 2011)
Peter came to UMD in 2005 after earning his B.S. in ChemE from U. Florida followed by a year of research at NIH. His Ph.D. work was a collaboration with NIST, where he was mentored by Dr. Sam Forry. In his Ph.D. dissertation, he described the design of polymeric sensors of oxygen; these sensors could be integrated into cell culture systems for real-time monitoring of oxygen levels. His work led to papers in Analytical Chemistry and Soft Matter as lead author. After graduation, Peter moved on to a postdoc with Prof. David Beebe in the Biomedical Eng. department at Wisconsin.

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Hee-Young Lee (Ph.D., ChBE, 2010)
Hee-Young came to UMD in 2004 with a B.S. in ChemE from Yonsei University in Korea. His research towards his Ph.D. dissertation probed the self-assembly of surfactants, lipids and biomolecules into structures such as reverse vesicles, reverse micelles, and fibrillar networks in nonpolar organic solvents. He was the lead author on papers in JACS, Langmuir and Soft Matter. Hee-Young is now a postdoc with Prof. Kyle Bishop at Penn State.

Matthew Dowling (Ph.D., BioE, 2010)
Matt came to UMD in 2005 as one of the first recipients of the Fischell Fellowship. His B.S. was in ChemE from Notre Dame. Matt's Ph.D. dissertation on self-assembled biomaterials for drug delivery and wound healing received the Dean's Doctoral Award for 2010 and resulted in publications in journals such as Biomaterials, Langmuir, and Soft Matter. His work on hemostatic bandages was featured by TV stations, WJZ-13 and WUSA-9, and won Invention of the Year in 2009. Matt is now the full-time CEO of Remedium Technologies, a startup seeking to commercialize his discoveries.

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Jennifer Hong (Ph.D., BioE, 2009)
Jenny came to UMD in 2004 and joined the group in 2005. She obtained her B.S. in Biomedical Eng from Duke. Jenny's research was in collaboration with the group of Dr. Michael Gaitan at NIST EEEL. Her Ph.D. dissertation described the preparation of nanogels and lipid-hydrogel nanoparticles, and the results have been published in Langmuir. Jenny is currently a Research Scientist at NIST.

Kunshan Sun (Ph.D., ChBE, 2009)
Kunshan came to UMD in 2005 with a B.E. and M.E. in ChemE from Zhejiang U in China and an M.E. in Molecular Eng from the Singapore-MIT alliance. His Ph.D. dissertation was on new photo- and thermo-responsive gels based on nanoparticles, and it resulted in publications in JACS and Langmuir. He also worked with Dr. Jane Emerson of USC to develop new gels for serum separation tubes, and this has resulted in a patent and a publication in J Mater Chem. After his Ph.D., Kunshan moved on to a postdoc at MIT with Prof. Alan Hatton. Currently he is working with Momentive Inc. in Tarrytown, NY.

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Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D., ChBE, 2009)
Rakesh came to UMD in 2004. He is a graduate of IIT-Kharagpur, India, and he also had a research stint at NCL in Pune. Rakesh's Ph.D. dissertation was on light and temperature-responsive fluids based on molecular self-assembly. In all, he contributed to 9 papers, 4 as lead author, in journals such as JACS, Angew Chem, and Nano Letters. Rakesh was the recipient of a Wylie Fellowship for Fall 2008. He is now working with Intel in Portland, OR.

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Aimee Ketner (Ph.D., ChBE, 2008)
Aimee entered UMD in 2004 after finishing her B.S. in ChemE from Virginia Tech. Her Ph.D. dissertation was on self-assembled micellar fluids whose viscosity could be tuned by light ("photorheological fluids"). She published papers in JACS and Langmuir and her key JACS paper was profiled in Nature Materials. Following her Ph.D., Aimee took up a position at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, VA.

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Shih-Huang Tung (Ph.D., ChBE, 2007)
Shih-Huang came to UMD in 2003 after completing a B.S. in ChemE and an M.S. in Materials Sci. from National Taiwan Univ. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on reverse micelles, reverse vesicles and fibrillar networks formed in organic solvents by biomolecules and lipids. He published five papers as lead author: in JACS (2), Langmuir (2) and Soft Matter. After his Ph.D., Shih-Huang did a postdoc at UC Berkeley with Prof. Ting Xu for a year. In 2008, he began his academic career as a Professor in the Polymer Science dept. at National Taiwan Univ., the leading University in Taiwan.  

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Bani Cipriano (Ph.D., ChBE, 2007)
Bani joined the group in 2002 after completing his B.S. in ChemE from UMD. His Ph.D. dissertation was on mixtures of polymers and nanoparticles (such as nanoclays or carbon nanotubes). The work was done in collaboration with Dr. Takashi Kashiwagi at the Building & Fire Res Lab (BFRL) at NIST and with Dr. Hugh Bruck in MechE at UMD. Bani also designed polymer gels on a project with Prasidiux LLC. In all, he contributed to 12 papers and 3 patents. Bani is now working with Balchem Inc. in NJ. 

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Jae-Ho Lee (Ph.D., ChBE, 2006)
Jae-Ho was the first Ph.D. student in the group. He did his B.S. and M.S. at Seoul National Univ in Korea and worked with LG Chem prior to entering UMD in 2001. Jae-Ho's Ph.D. dissertation, focused on vesicles and hydrophobically modified biopolymers. His work resulted in 7 papers in journals such as Langmuir and PRL. After his Ph.D, Jae-Ho did postdocs with Dr. Joseph Frank at the NIH Clinical Center and Dr. Robert Blumenthal at the NCI Center for Cancer Research. He is currently a staff scientist at the NIH Clinical Center.

Graduate Students (M.S.)

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Stephen Banik (M.S., ChBE, 2012)
Stephen came to UMD in Fall 2010 after completing a B.S. in ChBE from Tufts University followed by a stint in industry. His M.S. thesis described a new approach to creating hybrid hydrogels wherein one portion of the hydrogel had very different properties than the other. This work resulted in a paper in the journal Macromolecules. Currently, Stephen is pursuing a Ph.D. in ChBE at Case Western Reserve Univ.

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Anand Bagal (M.S., ChBE, 2012)
Anand entered UMD in Fall 2009 with a B.E. in ChemE from the Mumbai University Inst of Chem Tech (UICT) in India. His M.S. thesis described the synthesis of biopolymer capsules that were engineered to self-destruct after a prescribed duration of time; this work was published in Langmuir. Anand is currently working with SABIC Corp. in Indianapolis.

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Veidhes Basrur (M.S., ChBE, 2010)
Veidhes came to UMD in 2008. He had previously obtained a B.E. from Manipal Institute of Technology in India. His research towards his M.S. thesis was on new types of electrolyte and electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, and was co-advised by Prof. Chunsheng Wang of ChBE. It resulted in a paper in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Veidhes is currently working for Samsung in Seoul, South Korea.

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Elijah George (M.S., ChBE, 2009)
Elijah entered UMD in 2006 after completing his B.S. in ChemE from Howard Univ. He joined our lab in Aug 2008 and completed his M.S. thesis in ChBE by May 2009. His research involved the synthesis of hybrid capsules and their applications in separations, sensing, and in the creation of biomimetic architectures. This eventually led to a paper in Small. Elijah is now a Ph.D. candidate in BioE at UMD.

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Khyati Tiwari (M.S., ChBE, 2008)
Khyati came to UMD in 2006 with a B.S. in ChemE from the D. J. Sanghvi College of Eng. (Univ of Mumbai, India). Her research was on biopolymer-based capsules for separations and sensing, and she is the co-author of a paper in Soft Matter. After defending her M.S. thesis, Khyati returned to her hometown of Mumbai, where she currently holds a position with Watson Phamaceuticals.

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Tanner Davies (M.S., ChBE, 2005)
Tanner joined UMD in 2002 after completing his B.S. in ChemE from the University of Colorado. In his M.S. thesis, he investigated an unusual thermoreversible transition between two types of self-assemblies. This work was published in JACS. Currently, Tanner is pursuing business opportunities outside the scientific arena.

Postdocs & Visiting Scientists

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Renu Sharma (2012-2013)
Renu was a postdoc in the group from May 2012 to May 2013. She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Univ of Rajasthan in Jaipur, and thereafter acquired postdoctoral training at CCMB in Hyderabad. In her work in our lab, she explored the synthesis of polymer hydrogels that could undergo dramatic changes in shape upon exposure to stimuli such as temperature and pH.  

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Chi-Wei Hung (2008-2012)
Chi-Wei was a postdoc for 4 years on a joint project with Prof. Warren D'Souza in the UM medical school in Baltimore. His project involved the synthesis of multifunctional nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging of cancers. Previously, Chi-Wei did his Ph.D. in ChemE at UMD working with Prof. Bill Bentley. Currently, Chi-Wei is a research associate at UMB.

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Young Koan Ko (2011-2012)
Young Koan was a visiting scientist in the lab and his stay was funded by a fellowship from Korea. He obtained his Ph.D. in ChemE from KAIST in Korea in 2007, following which he worked in industry for several years. He came to UMD in 2010 and joined our lab in Nov 2011. During his one year in the lab, he studied nanoparticulate materials for application in energy storage devices.

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Yanjun Chen (2011-2012)
Yanjun came to the lab in Aug 2011 as a visiting scientist funded by a grant from the China Scholarship Council. She is an Associate Professor in the School of Materials Sci & Engg in Wuhan Univ. of Tech. in China. During her 1-year stay at UMD she investigated new types of amphiphilic polymers with particular focus on their ability to gel solutions of vesicles or suspensions of colloidal particles.

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Kaname Hashizaki (2010)
Kaname was a visiting scientist in the lab from Feb to Sep 2010. He is an Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry in the School of Pharmacy at Nihon University in Chiba, Japan. His research expertise is on various self-assembled structures formed by surfactants and lipids. At UMD, he investigated new routes for forming self-assemblies in non-polar organic solvents. He was a co-author on a paper in Soft Matter.

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Oluwatosin Ogunsola (2006-2009)
Tosin joined the group in 2006 after completing her Ph.D in ChemE at UMD with Prof. Sheryl Ehrman. Her research was on the propensity of vesicles to penetrate through skin and thereby deliver drugs or cosmetics; this was published in Soft Matter. She was co-advised by Dr. Bob Bronaugh of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA. Tosin is currently working with Boehringer Ingelheim.

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Seung-Won Ko (2008-2009)
Dr. Ko was a visiting scientist in the lab from Feb 2008 to Feb 2009. His Ph.D. was in Chemistry from KAIST in Korea, following which he took up a job with a Korean national research laboratory (ADD). At UMD, he studied fluids and gels whose rheological properties could be tuned by light or heat. Thereafter, he returned to Korea and is currently a senior scientist at ADD.

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Chao Zhu (2006-2007)
Chao was with the group from May 2006 to Oct 2007. He obtained his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from SUNY Syracuse and was previously a postdoc with Prof. Greg Payne at UMBI. He worked in two areas: synthesis of responsive polymer hydrogels and chitosan-based films and gels containing vesicles, and contributed to 2 papers and a patent. Chao is currently with Intl. Specialty Products Corp.in NJ.

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Wei-Chi Lai (2006)
Wei-Chi was with the lab from April to Sep 2006 as a visiting scientist. He obtained his Ph.D. in Materials from National Taiwan Univ. At UMD, Wei-Chi studied the inverse templating of nanostructured polymers from fibrillar organogels, and this work was published in J. Phys. Chem. B. He is now a Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Tamkang Univ. in Taiwan.

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Andrei Kostko (2004)
Andrei was with the group from April to June 2004. Earlier, he was a postdoc with Prof. Mikhail Anisimov in the ChemE department at UMD. Andrei received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Russia and was an expert on light scattering. His work in our group dealt with the phase behavior of chromonic liquid crystals formed by an aromatic drug in water. The results were published in J. Phys. Chem. B.

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Gokul Kalur (2002-2004)
Gokul was with the group from May 2002 to Jan 2004. He did both his B.E. and Ph.D. at UDCT (Univ of Bombay) in India and thereafter worked at a couple of companies, notably GE India. His postdoctoral project was funded by Schlumberger Inc. and focused on the structure and rheology of wormlike micelles. This work resulted in 5 papers in J. Phys. Chem. B and Langmuir. Gokul is currently employed with Roche Pharmaceuticals in Florence, SC.

Undergraduate Students

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Nick Yaraghi (2010-2013)
Nick joined our lab as a freshman in 2010 and continued for the next three years. He worked closely with Hyuntaek on several projects involving the light- or solvnt-responsive self-assembly of surfactants and gelator molecules. Nick graduated with a B.S. in ChemE in 2013 and is now in the Ph.D. program in ChemE at UC Riverside.

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Apoorv Gupta (2011-2012)
Apoorv joined our lab as a junior in 2011 and initiated a collaborative project with Prof. Bill Bentley's group. The focus was on loading biopolymer capsules with "nanofactories", i.e., a type of protein construct. Apoorv showed that these capsules could direct the quorum sensing of E.coli. The results were published in Biotech. Bioeng. with Apoorv as first author. Apoorv is now pursuing his Ph.D. at MIT.

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Aditya Baradwaj (2009-2011)
Aditya came to our lab as a sophomore in 2009 and continued for the next two years. He worked with Vishal on the light-activated gelation of biopolymers and was a co-author on the resulting paper, which was published on the cover of Langmuir. After completing his B.S. in ChemE in 2011, Aditya is pursuing a Ph.D. in ChemE at Purdue University.

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Chao Xue (2009)
Chao was a student at MIT in ChemE. He joined our lab in the summer of 2009, during which time he worked with Kunqiang on our collaborative project with Prof. Don DeVoe in MechE. Chao's work focused on the microfluidic generation of capsule chains and was a co-author on the resulting paper, which was published in the journal Small.

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Mark Keibler (2008-2010)
Mark was a double major in ChemE and Chemistry at UMD. He came to the lab as a sophomore in 2008 and continued on for the next two years. Mark worked with Matt on the gelling of cells via amphiphilic polymers and his work was supported by an HHMI fellowship. He is a co-author on several conference presentations and on a paper in Biomaterials. Mark is now pursuing a PhD in ChemE at MIT.

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George Chacko (2004-2008)
George joined our lab in his sophomore year (2004). He went on to earn his B.S. in ChemE at UMD and then continued to work in our group as a graduate student. He contributed to a number of areas, including nanocomposites, capsules, hydrogels, and organogels and was a co-author on a Langmuir paper. He is currently working with MedImmune.

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Yi-En (Andy) Huang (2004-2007)
Andy came to the lab while he was a UMD ChemE freshman in 2004 and continued on for the next three years. He worked with Shih-Huang on reverse micelles and organogels. During this period, Andy made important contributions to a variety of projects and was listed as a co-author on four publications. Andy is now working with Exxon Mobil.

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Patrick Elder (2004-2007)
Patrick was a ChemE sophomore when he joined the group in 2004. He worked with Aimee and Tanner on fluids that respond to light and was a co-author on a paper published in JACS on these fluids. Patrick won the ASPIRE award for best undergraduate research project within the UMD College of Eng in 2007. After graduation, he is working with Exxon Mobil.

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John Gustin (2003-2004)
John was a junior in ChemE at UMD when he came to the group as an REU student in 2003. He worked closely with Jae-Ho on vesicle gels and continued his research for two semesters thereafter. The results of this work were published in Langmuir. Following his graduation, John entered grad school at Johns Hopkins University, where he earned his Ph.D. in ChemE.

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Bradley Frounfelker (2002-2005)
Brad joined the group in 2002 while he was a sophomore and continued on till 2005. He made many discoveries in the lab working on the properties of micellar fluids with Gokul. These have resulted in two papers in Langmuir, with Brad as the first author on one of them. After graduating from UMD with a B.S. in ChemE, Brad is now working with the US Army at APG.

Hubert Huang
ChemE, UMD. 2011-13.
Rose Garcia
ChemE, UMD. 2011-13.
Chris Descalzi
ChemE, UMD. 2012-13.

Janice Lan
ChemE, Stanford. 2011.
Jason Koski
ChemE, UMD. 2010. Pursuing PhD in ChemE at U Penn.
Ariel Ash-Shakoor
BioE, UMD. 2009-11. Pursuing PhD in BioE at Syracuse Univ.

Leigh Quang
ChemE, UMD. 2008-09. Pursuing PhD in ChemE at U Delaware.
Adil Zuber
ChemE, UMD. 2008-09. Pursuing PhD in ChemE at UMBC.
Nick Levy
ChemE, UMD. 2008-09. Pursuing PhD in ChemE at U Delaware.

Gary Cheng
ChemE, UMD. 2006-07. Employed at Exxon Mobil.
Gabrielle Galvez
ChemE, UMD. 2006-07.
Nick Harrigan
ChemE, UMD. 2008-09.

Alex Salimian
ChemE, UMD. 2006-07. Employed at Procter & Gamble.
Adeeb Raziuddin
ChemE, UMD. 2006-07. Employed at Domino Sugar.
Alex Nowodazkij
ChemE, UMD. 2006-07. Employed at WR Grace.

Jamie Chandler
ChemE, UMD. 2003-04.
Joe Bender
ChemE, UMD. 2005-06. Pursuing PhD in Biomedical Eng. at Johns Hopkins.
Adonis Harris
ChemE, UMD. 2005. Employed at Exxon Mobil.

Sang An
ChemE, UMD. 2002-03. Temple U. medical school.
Katrina Groth
MatSE, UMD. 2002-03. Earned her PhD in Nuclear Eng from UMD.
M. Haseebuddin
ChemE, UMD. 2003. Washington U., St. Louis medical school.

Undergraduate Students (REU)

Da-Tren Chou
REU, Summer 2007. BioE from CWRU. Pursuing PhD in BioE at Univ of Pittsburgh.
Shelby Skoog
REU, Summer 2008. BioE from Clemson. Pursuing PhD in BioE at UNC/NCSU.
Patrick Kelleher
REU, Summer 2009. ChemE from U Mass Amherst.

Patrick Marti
REU, Summer 2003. ChemE from Hopkins. Earned his PhD from Cambridge U, England.
Sarah Everett
REU, Summer 2004. ChemE from Rose Hulman.
David Griffin
REU, Summer 2004. ChemE from U Kansas. Pursuing PhD at UMass Amherst.

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