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Recent Movies from Research
You can also see all our movies on the Complexfluids channel at YouTube.

Rapid gelation of blood via self-assembly
Research of Matt Dowling (2010)

This movie shows a biopolymer (in solution form) that can convert liquid blood into a gel within seconds via self-assembly, as described in our paper in Biomaterials (2011). The gelling action is similar to the body's own ability to form a clot at a wound. If harnessed, this biopolymer could prove to be life-saving for soldiers and accident victims by helping to stanch the loss of blood out of serious wounds.

Flexible magnetic microchains
Research of Kunqiang Jiang and Chanda Arya (2010)

This movie shows the beating or wavy motion of flexible magnetic microchains when a magnet is swayed outside the container. The chains are formed by connecting a series of soft microcapsules bearing magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs). The entire fabrication of the chains was done on a microfluidic chip, as described in our paper in Small (2011). In addition to these flexible chains, rigid chains akin to bar magnets could also be made.

Recent Pictures from Research

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Fractal clusters of nanoparticles
Research of Charles Kuo (2012)

This false-color TEM image looks like a tree with many branches. Instead, it is showing fractal clusters of nanoparticles. Fractals are hierarchical branched objects and occur widely in nature, e.g., trees, snowflakes etc. The nanoparticles are of a biopolymer conjugated with gadolinium and are being studied for MRI imaging of cancer.

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Textured vesicles
Research of Hyuntaek Oh and Aimee Ketner (2012)

This false-color cryo-TEM image seems to show nanoscale soccer balls. It is instead an image of certain vesicles (nanocontainers),just prior to a phase transition to micelles. The vesicles thus have an unusual internal texture. Vesicle-micelle transitions have been used to create "smart" fluids, as described in our paper in Soft Matter (2013).

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