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Self-destructing “mothership” capsules for timed release of encapsulated contents.
M. B. Dowling, A. S. Bagal and S. R. Raghavan*
Langmuir, in press (2013)
We create "mothership" capsules that self-destruct at a later time due to an enzyme packaged in them. The enzyme degrades the capsule wall and thus releases the internal cargo of smaller "babyships" (vesicles or particles).

A simple route to fluids with photo-switchable viscosities based on a transition between vesicles and wormlike micelles.
H. Oh, A. M. Ketner, R. Heymann, D. Danino, D. Falvey and S. R. Raghavan*
Soft Matter, 9, 5025 (2013)
We describe fluids whose viscosity can be increased million-fold by UV light and back to its original value by visible light. These changes reflect a transition between vesicles and wormlike micelles, caused by photoisomerization of an azobenzene salt. All components of these fluids are commercially available.

Synergistic gelation of silica nanoparticles and a sorbitol-based gelator to yield conductive free-standing gel electrolytes.
V. R. Basrur, J. Guo, C. S. Wang* and S. R. Raghavan*
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5, 262 (2013)
Silica nanoparticles and a molecular gelator are combined to create solid gel electrolytes for use in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The gels show a remarkable combination of high conductivity and mechanical integrity.

Reverse self-assembly of lipid onions induced by gadolinium and calcium ions.
H. Y. Lee, K. Hashizaki, K. K. Diehn and S. R. Raghavan*
Soft Matter, 9, 200 (2013)
In a follow-up to our earlier study, the effect of cations on the self-assembly of a saturated lipid is examined in oils like toluene. We find that Gd3+ and Ca2+ induce the formation of reverse multilamellar vesicles (reverse onions).

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